Best new television-created tourist attraction (2008)

Mood Fabrics

Certain Manhattan spots were made famous by their association with a TV character: After the lead character on the series Felicity got a job at Dean & DeLuca, tourists swarmed this overpriced foodie boutique; the West Village's Magnolia Bakery has been overrun ever since Sex and the City's Carrie put it on the map. My candidate for the next TV-driven tourist attraction is Mood Fabrics, a well-stocked fabric store in the garment district. Previously known mostly to local designers, it has now gained nationwide renown as the weekly pit stop for contestants on Project Runway. For three seasons running, hapless would-be McQueens have been deposited in this maze of seersucker and silk charmeuse and told to rustle up the makings of something fabulous—usually on a meager budget. Inspired visitors will undoubtedly undertake pilgrimages to Mood, following the show's mantra to "make it work."


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