Best Non-Hetero Monthly Music Series (2008)

Queers, Beers & Rears

Starting as a 2007 DJ party in Williamsburg, Queers, Beers & Rears expanded into a band showcase at the Cake Shop for all shades of homocore, dykecore, and queer punk; participants have included members of the Lunachiks, L7, Bratmobile, and Pansy Division, among others. Though they dont exclusively book gay bands, they do insist that groups be at least down with the gays, and it does help if youre a local bandand its even better if some, or all, members happen to be gay. And what motivated QBR to form such a community? Not the usual stereotype of gay dance clubs (QBR doesnt dig house music), they take their inspiration from the queers we know, the beer we guzzle, and the rears we tap!


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