Best Nontraditional Instrumentalist (2008)

Pots and Pans Pete

Perhaps the best show I saw last year was on the corner of 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue, next to the ESPN restaurant. That's where Pots and Pans Pete—a scruffy mid-forties man who drums on some overturned buckets, an occasional legitimate snare, and what looks like Julia Child's cookware collection—had set up camp that night. As Pete banged furious, funky rhythms, a static crowd of about 50 gawked and forked over dollars. "Who's the man?" asks Pete as he drums. "Pete's the man," he raps. And after a perfectly timed breakdown on a few frying pans and a griddle, he closes, to laughter and applause: "He's the man with the pots and pans!"


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