Best Off-Off-Off-Broadway Musical Theater (2008)

Rev. Jen�s Really Cool Neighborhood

Even after her punk-band days and her years of anti-slam variety performances, Jen Miller has kept a busy schedule. When shes not doing her cable-access show, or working out of her home as the curator of a troll-doll museum, or writing columns for, or lecturing at USC about performance art, you might find her starring in her self-proclaimed live-action TV show Rev. Jens Really Cool Neighborhood. Ably assisted by her Chihuahua (Rev. Jen Jr.), a giant talking roach, Moonshine the neighborhood bartender, and Mangina the mailman (who sports female anatomy), she indulges in tales of sex, drugs, rock n roll, time travel, and dancing, with plans to turn it soon into a real TV show. Most likely, youll find that one on public access as well, instead of a major network or even commercial cable. Their loss . . .

Location Details

308 Bowery
New York NY 10012


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