Best Old-Style Brooklyn Movie House (2008)

Cobble Hill Theater

So many movie theater trends have come and gone. Vanished is the regal, lushly carpeted movie palace, replaced by the gummy-layered floor of goo and seats too small to accommodate America's growing backsides. And do we really need 60 screens, or ones the size of baseball cards? If you're like me and miss the days when your biggest worry was that the theater matron would turn her flashlight of shame on you, I offer this delightful blast from the celluloid past, the Cobble Hill Theater. Located on the corner of Court and Butler streets, this place reeks of "neighborhood." It's gone through name changes such as Rio and Lido and endured the multiplexing process: At one point 600 seats were divided among a dozen screens, though it now has a more reasonable five. These days it's just a nice local theater smelling of buttered popcorn and offering a wide range of movies, from blockbusters to indies and foreign films. Best of all, you can still find half-price shows on Tuesdays. And there's no matron.


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