Best Open-Air Bingo Hall (2008)

The 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden

The tension was mounting. Amy had her eye on the spin-art paint kit, while Dan coveted the crystal-growing set. Suddenly the dread cry of "Bingo!" rang out, and the winner walked off with a box of bejeweled swizzle sticks. Though luck was against us, we had a blast at the annual bingo night held on the charming grounds of The 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden (known for its 37-foot tower of carousel animals and other riffraff). A fundraiser held each June, the event was hosted this year by a kooky number caller, his assistant, and a Pippi Longstocking-lookalike accordionist named Cassis, with prizes ranging from a stuffed penguin to a veggie-print bathrobe. Best of all, it didn't break our budgets: Refreshments are bring-your-own, and games are 50 cents per card.


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