Best Outdoor Space to Write the Great American Novel (2008)

Stuyvesant Square

OK, maybe just a short story. . . . Well, OK, maybe a memo not to forget to buy Drano or toilet paper. If the ejaculating fountain or roaring traffic along Second Avenue threatens to drown out your muse at Stuyvesant Square, head east toward a bench in the protective shadow of Friends Seminary. You'll find one or two of your less workaholic Gramercy neighbors, squirrels waiting to be fed, pigeons dropping their blobs, a few transient dogwalkers hastening to have done with it. But—joy of joys—no dotcomers snotting you out while they're waiting to nab your bench. Only one encounter so far with a crazy: I say I'm very busy and he moves politely on. You can linger for hours in this leafy oasis, struggling to find words—or just scratching your itchy spots—usually in discreet seclusion.


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