Best Park in Which to Achieve a Semblance of Transcendence (2008)

Inwood Hill Park

Why Inwood Hill Park? Because this hilly, rocky sanctuary that overlooks the Hudson and Spuyten Duyvil is hella far away from Midtown and its mania! Sure, there's an historical marker of a battle fought here with the British. But the north tip's bellicose past recedes in the leafy haven. You can hike and sing to yourself and think deep thoughts up on the ridge and see nary a human soul for hours. But the partying Dominicans and the handy bodega at West 218th Street and Indian Road ain't too far away when you start craving Twinkies or Pepsi. And, if all the transcendence bugs you, you can always moon passengers on the Circle or Metro North Hudson lines from the base of the outcrop where they pass. Take the 1 or 9 train to the 215th Street stop or the A train to the Dyckman Street stop.


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