Best Parody of a Great Local Tradition (2008)

Expanded Arts' "Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot)"

2000 is the sixth year of Expanded Arts' "Shakespeare in the Park(ing Lot)" series—free Will with a prop and costume budget of roughly $1.98, presented in a Lower East Side municipal parking lot to an audience in lawn chairs and the occasional bemused passerby, with trucks rolling loudly in the background. The productions take lots of liberties, but their goofiness has method in't: Last year's Comedy of Errors­as-'70s-sitcom with choreographed disco interludes turned out to be a kickass idea, and Rudy Caporaso was a delicious glam-rock Puck in this summer's A Midsummer Night's Dream, also featuring fairies in FunFur and a set consisting of six blow-up kiddie pools and a used couch.


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