Best Phenomenal View of New York Harbor (2008)

Express Bus to Manhattan from Staten Island

You want a great view of NYC but your helicopter's on the fritz? No worry. Take an express bus to Manhattan from Staten Island, and when you cross the Verrazano Bridge, you'll be at one of New York's best vantage points. In one turn of the head you can see Sandy Hook, the Atlantic Ocean, Coney Island's Parachute Jump, the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson and the East rivers, Jersey City, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. On the water, there's a colorful mix of containerships and boats, big orange Staten Island ferries, and the occasional daredevils on jet skis. Go on a sunny morning when the sun is rising in the east and its reflection is rippling across the bay, and beware of overcast days. You'll never see NYC the same way again, unless, of course, you fix your helicopter. By the way, this trip is a great way to see the July 4 fireworks. $3.


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