Best Place for the Latest Conspiracy Theories on the Death of Lobster Boy (2008)


Three a.m. The lights are on inside the FREAKATORIUM, or El Museo Loco. There are wax replicas of Mao and Mae West, a few shrunken heads, and a hot little tamale in a slinky dress who keeps disappearing into the back. Who is she? The owner Johnny, an urbane New Yorker with chest hair sprouting out his shirt, says he was good friends with Grady Stiles Jr., the fourth-generation Lobster Boy, a hot-tempered man who was born with claws and was mysteriously murdered in his trailer outside Tampa. \"His wife would get pissed at me,\" Johnny says of their friendship. \"I didn\'t know he was some lousy drunk. I\'d buy him drinks; he\'d tell me stories. I\'d buy him more drinks; he\'d tell me more stories. Then he\'d go home and beat his wife, hit her around with his claws or head-butt her. Then they found him with four gunshots in his chest, from a 25mm. Nobody knows who did it, but I have an idea. . . .\"


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