Best place to be an art star or just dress like one (2008)

Show and Tell

During this year's O'Debbie Awards, comedic fashionista Carmen Mofongo showed up wearing a glittery water-bong chapeau while the Voice-crowned "Best Potty-Mouthed Guitar-Slinging Comedian" Jessica Delfino sported a floor-length white skirt, slit to the crotch to reveal her bright red underwear. (Other honorees wore elf ears or a neck brace—as necessity dictated.) As the culmination of another year of the O'Debra Twins' weekly variety show, Show and Tell, appropriate honors were given for "Most Likely to Use a Flat Iron on Their Pubes," "Most Fake Pregnancies," "Best New Lesbo Haircut," "Best Negro Diapers," "Hottest Battered Wife," "Loosest Butthole," and "Best Rash." The "Girlbomb Fisch" honor (a lifetime achievement award of sorts) went to Surf Reality founder Robert Prichard. Just as Surf Reality once did, the O'Debra Twins' "Show and Tell" provides a forum for raw talent and fierce expressions of individuality. (If the pubic hair grafted on to your finger can grow four inches, this crowd will applaud you.) Writers like Moonshine Shorey, Shappy, and Big Mike frequently darken this stage, as do members of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. The O'Debbies are but once a year, but "Show and Tell" happens every Monday at the Bowery Poetry Club; it's one of the few places downtown that still feel downtown.


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