Best Place to Bump and Grind to Old Hip-Hop and Soul Records (2008)

Frank's Lounge

Upstairs at Bang the Party folks are having a more hands-in-the-air, feel-the-love sorta thing, but downstairs at FRANK'S LOUNGE is where the bumpin' and grindin' gets truly hairy. It's easy to back that ass up when the DJ faithfully plays "Shake Ya Ass" and "Down With OPP" week after week, interspersing the booty-shaking hip-hop with old school and James Brown. Funny, too, how Frank's Lounge (and a little alcohol) breaks down barriers—you'll act like a dancehall queen with someone you'd otherwise never give a glance to, just so you don't feel left out of the hip-turning action.

Location Details

660 Fulton
Brooklyn NY 11217


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