Best Place To Buy A CD Burner, Then Return It for a Full Refund (2008)


Let's say you've been asked to cat-sit for someone who has thousands of what he considers to be very good or outstanding CDs. Visit NOBODY BEATS THE WIZ (or, as I like to call it, "the Wiz") on your way to his apartment. Charge the fastest stand-alone or computer burner in the store and spend two weeks broken out in rashes, zipping, for instance, the Angry Samoans' full catalog onto a CDR (preferably taken from a 100-pack you snagged cheap in Chinatown). Do not buy an already returned item; you'll only get store credit when bringing it back. Do embarrass the obdurate manager by insisting that the woman who sold you an already-opened box but rang it up as new ('cause apparently other people have had this idea and there are no virgin burners) come over and bravely admit that, "Yeah, I said he'd get his money back."


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