Best Place to Buy Old Hillbilly Music (2008)

Kim's Music and Video

A surprising amount of classic hillbilly music was recorded in New York—Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole, Jimmie Rodgers, guys like that. Hell, Rodgers even died here. But all that good down-home fiddlin' and whatnot was strictly for export; it's never been easy to find in NYC, then or since. Until, that is, about four years ago, when a guy named Steve McGurl who happened to work at Kim's Music and Video set out to put things right. He's moved on, but with the capable hands of his protégé Brad Truax on the tiller, the section forges ahead: Just about every hillbilly label, no matter how obscure, turns up, and things are cheaper than at Tower, too. You might even find that new Skillet Lickers set on sale, just like it was real music.


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