Best Place to Chill in a Big Leather Couch With Old Junior High Homies and Sing All the r&b You Loved Back in the Day (2008)

Hey Love Party at Tribe

Higher Ground Collective have fashioned the HEY LOVE PARTY AT TRIBE after a house party in the early '90s, which is ingeniously retro-ahead-of-its-time (why go waaay back when a decade'll do ya?). The Tribe atmosphere is a little bit fancy, but perhaps due to the inviting girth of the leather couches or warm lighting, it maintains an element of coziness. Come gossip over drinks and punctuate each tidbit with a five-minute group song-and-dance thru the annals of time—back to the days before so-and-so had her baby, before blankity-blank became Muslim, before dude had dreds, before girl went into PR.


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