Best Place to do Battle with Local Wildlife (2008)

Shore Trail

Manhattan may be colonized by rats, pigeons, cockroaches, and incontinent dogs, but in New Jersey it's a whole different menagerie. On the far side of the George Washington Bridge, beneath the famed Palisades and along the muddy Hudson, the Shore Trail (climb the steel stairway on the south side of Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee; follow the signs) presents a unique opportunity to go head-to-head with the local flora and fauna. On a recent hike there, I was swarmed by thirsty ticks (eventually plucking more than 20 of them from my socks), struck at halfheartedly by a sunbathing copperhead, and harassed by a rotund, waddling muskrat. To top things off, I got the worst case of poison oak ever. Bring water, snacks, plenty of bug repellent, and a fully developed sense of humility.


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