Best Place to Do 'Journalistic' Research (2008)

66th Street Barnes and Noble

Repetitious signage at the 66TH STREET BARNES AND NOBLE reads: "Feel Free to Browse Periodicals in the Newsstand Area Only." But we all know the real deal, and it's "Read Whatever, Wherever," and it's mah-velous. Like some physical version of the Internet, readers scan and download info on the arts, fashion, technology, sports, interior design, music, pets—you name it. The spacious third-story refuge is a badly needed amenity in a city where sitting down is verboten (unless you like that special metal-spike "cush"). Additionally, being widely and variously in the know after a B&N session makes for spot-lit social moments of cleverness. Someday, you'll probably even make it to the library.

Location Details

1972 Broadway & 66th St.
New York NY 10023


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