Best Place To Duck Flying Soccer Balls (2008)


It's not a sport, per se, but it could be. At any given time, there are approximately four intense games of soccer being played in Williamsburg's MCCARREN PARK, so be alert. Your mission: walk the track and try to avoid being pelted. Joining you will be little old ladies, maniac kiddies on tricycles, and hipsters who jog in vintage tennis sneakers (dudes, get your fashionista asses a pair of Nikes, please; you're making my feet hurt). Obstacles include pushcarts selling shaved ice and bottled water, dogs on almost invisible leashes, and wannabe triathletes jogging in itty-bitty nylon shorts (though that's more a disturbing distraction than an obstacle). Warning: Chocolate-milky clouds of superfine dirt will impair your vision. For an added challenge, bring a Walkman and blast AC/DC so you can't hear fútbol fanatics warning you of your impending decapitation.


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