Best Place To Feel NY Cares What You Do, Sort Of (2008)


In NYC, everyone couldn't care less what you do with yourself. Murder a rat. Snort coke off someone's ass. Don an X-rated clown suit for an afternoon walk. Scream, and clutch an open wound. No one wants to be involved. But there is one place where people care what you're up to . . . sort of: JFK AIRPORT. Here, staff members kind of dig through your belongings, carefully inspecting some of the items you chose to include in your carry-on. They watch you, sort of, as you go through the metal detectors. They even kind of care what's in your pockets. This is a prime destination for the nobody-cares-about-me city type. It's like free therapy, except where your therapist is sporadically disinterested and destroys your nail clippers. Jamaica, NY 11430, 40° 38' 28.5" north, 73° 46' 41.9" west


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