New York's favorite former Muscovite has thrown all his artistic capital—and a good chunk of the more familiar kind—into the proposition that the city is starving for quality dance performances. So far, it's paid off in spades. Since its opening in 2005, the Baryshnikov Arts Center has showcased such work as William Forsythe's You Made Me a Monster, in which the dancers flitted among the audience where they sat; a remarkable 10-day Catalan dance festival; and Misha's latest project, "Hell's Kitchen Dance." The center also offers artists' residencies and a special fellowship for incoming students, most recently through a two-year partnership with NYU. Last year, none other than Philip Glass performed a new composition for the center's free "Movado Hour" classical-music series. And a short time ago, the center's directors announced that they had acquired yet another 299-seat theater in their Chelsea building. Looks like Russian pirouettes are here to stay.

Location Details

450 W. 37th St.
New York NY 10018


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