Best Place To Impersonate Art (2008)


Traditionally, museum visitors remain at a specified distance from a viewed piece of art. Erwin Wurm invites the spectator to break these boundaries through his whimsical "One Minute Sculptures," as part of the Tempo exhibit at the MOMA QNS. Scrawled diagrams across the wall and small platforms instruct museumgoers to hold multiple tennis balls against the wall with their body, fit a single pullover shirt on two people, and stick pencils up their noses. A small crowd will gather and cheer as you fasten rubber bands around your toes for one minute. Such irreverence reminds everyone in the museum of the absurdity of art, museum objects, and themselves. Sit against the wall, Wurm requests, "Hold your breath, and think of Spinoza." But afterward, don't forget to laugh.


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