Best Place to Indulge Your Obscure Music Obsession (2008)

The Museum of Television and Radio

Show up at the Museum of Television and Radio at opening time, or you'll be waiting around all day. Get a pass to the library. If you don't feel like watching the featured exhibits, get a bite to eat. Then go up to the library and look up that famous-or-otherwise band from the '60s or '70s in their database. Chances are, they've got some talk-show performance or televised concert or something, somewhere in their archives—I gasped audibly when I found out they had an appearance by late '60s James Brown protégé Marva Whitney on Playboy After Dark, and my friend was delighted to see live footage of a very young Les Paul and Mary Ford. You can't check the tapes out, but you can watch them from very comfortable chairs.


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