Best Place To Meet Morrissey Look-Alike Boys (2008)


Not quite a bar, club, or big music venue, DON HILL'S manages instead to be an eclectic mix of all three. There you'll find a swarm of androgynous mod haircuts, outfits so hip they border on the ridiculous, and your usual handful of oblivious bar-goers. Everyone attentively watches the Saturday-night bands, secretly itching to initiate Tiswas, a Britpop '80s dancing frenzy. The friendly, dance-crazed regulars—including a man reciting every lyric to every song onstage with accompanying interpretive hand gestures—help you forget your lack of angled bangs and punk accessories. So even if a Morrissey look-alike doesn't happen to glance your way, at least you have plenty of melancholy Smiths hits to indulge in.

Location Details

511 Greenwich St.
New York NY 10013


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