Best Place to Move the Mets (2008)

the corner of 39th Street and Second Avenue in Sunset Park

We hate Shea Stadium too, but we doubt the swellest way to solve the Mets' jet-noise problem is to spend $500 million building a new ballpark under the same flight path. Let alone an Ebbets Field knockoff with a retractable roof. Our proposal: Say goodbye to Flushing and move the Mets to the corner of 39th Street and Second Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, near Bush Terminal. The site, currently occupied by several large parking lots, would get you a lovely view of Manhattan over the outfield walls, as well as the satisfaction of returning Major League Baseball to Brooklyn. The BQE has a 39th Street exit, and the B, M, N, and R trains all stop at nearby 36th Street. Razing a pier or two would let the stadium front the water, just like PacBell Stadium in San Francisco, allowing for those entertaining splashdown homers ("Seaver Sea"? "Hernandez Harbor"? "Port Piazza"?). The new location is also right behind the Brooklyn CostCo—convenient for picking up a gross of size-D batteries whenever the Braves are in town.


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