Best Place to 'om' (2008)

Tibetan Mountain temple/Chinese Scholar's Garden/Greenbelt's Moses Mountain

Monks seek the far-out, the mystical and supernatural, the solitude of a lonely mountain. The Tibetan Museum is just that. Perched on a high hillside and built to resemble a small Tibetan Mountain temple (338 Lighthouse Avenue, Staten Island, 718-987-3500), this place is religiously quiet. But if that's not enough enlightenment, head to the Chinese Scholar's Garden (1000 Richmond Terrace, Livingston, Staten Island, 718-273-8200) at Snug Harbor. The garden's design represents some of the Ming Dynasty's best architecture. There's a fish pond, rockeries, waterfalls, and useful guide boards to help you decipher the garden's plants and calligraphy. But to get really far out, go to the Greenbelt's Moses Mountain (Staten Island, yellow trail, 718-667-2165). Made from the debris left after the construction of the SI Expressway in the 1960s, this is that lonely mountain you're looking for. You'll find a big, purple pot-leaf painting at its peak, but no drugs are needed up here. The view is high, wide, and far.


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