Best Place to Peddle Your Self-Published Wares (2008)

St. Mark's Bookshop

The art of writing has been compared (by my sympathetic fiancé) to stapling your soul to the page—and that's the easy part: Often the photocopy machine at work is more accessible than a publisher. While the city abounds in booksellers happy to hawk your stapled (or otherwise bound) soul in exchange for 40 percent of gross profits—not bad, as royalties go—horror stories at some of these places run the gamut from a three-month wait for a $6 check to books thrown in the trash (a/k/a tossed souls). ST. MARK'S BOOKSHOP, on the other hand, offers congenial efficiency and hassle-free cash payments. Other establishments have salespeople who give your friends perplexed looks when they ask for your book; St. Mark's has an easily located—browse-inducing, too—consignment section. Your bestseller has to start somewhere.

Location Details

136 E. 3rd St.
New York NY 10003


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