Best Place to Pretend You're Puffy (2008)

Club New York

Believe it or not, dressing up in a white suit and lots of gold chains and forcing everyone to call you Puffy makes for an awesome night out. The best place to do this is at CLUB NEW YORK, because the staff goes bananas for it. They love it when fake Puffys strut their stuff on the dancefloor, try to infiltrate the VIP lounge, and make loud references to their parties in the Hamptons. Gold-bedazzled white girl-group entourages are a nice touch as well, as are bootleg J-Lo's. An extra special touch is to offer Club NY staff discounted fashion items, "straight off the runway, baby." Usually, with all these extras, you'll even get to meet the manager! If for some reason you don't, call your homeboy who likes to pretend he's Shyne.


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