Best place to publicly relive your failures (2008)

Rejection Show

Part and parcel of being an artist is having your work turned down. It's hard not to take it personally, and while your first impulse may be to take the piece and shove it into a drawer, think again. The Rejection Show offers a home for cartoonists, comedians, writers, and other performers to showcase work that might never otherwise see the light of day. With comic powerhouses like Colin Quinn and Jackie Martling, and subject matter covering everything from failed Saturday Night Live skits to a Blind Date audition tape, you never quite know what to expect. A recent show featured A.D. Miles from the TV show Dog Bites Man recounting a visit to a KKK wizard with a Comedy Central crew in tow and Katina Corrao reading a breakup letter she received via e-mail. The brainchild of comedian Jon Friedman, the show also features New Yorker cartoonists presenting their favorite rejected material, which is always good for a laugh. The highlight is watching the performers vibe off the audience's laughter, turning what could've been a negative into the ultimate live validation. In other words, when you're onstage, they're not laughing at you, but with you.


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