Best Place to Rally Around and/or Resuscitate (2008)

Charas/El Bohio

CHARAS/EL BOHIO is part of the grand tradition of old converted public schools serving the arts community (see P.S. 1 and P.S. 122). Unlike these thriving establishments, the old P.S. 64 building has been treated like the rest of the city\'s public-school system—undervalued, undercut, and overlooked by the regime in order to throw more dollars at real estate and tourism interests. Rehearsal space in big, beautiful, clean, cool CHARAS costs from $11 to $14 an hour, depending on the room. Actors, singers, dancers, and activists thrive in this low-cost space, which once hosted the first screening of the first flick ever by NYU student Mr. Spike Lee. CHARAS serves the Lower East Side community, not the Big Apple Tour Bus, and that is why, partially, it is in jeopardy. Gregg Singer is the owner/evictor. Contact SAVE CHARAS at 605 East 9th Street, 533-6835.


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