Best Place To Read 'In Style' Magazine In Hiding (2008)


Next to clipping out headlines about Gwyneth Paltrow Enchantress Siren (to wit: "She's sweet, she's skinny, but there's just something about Gwynnie"), my second favorite form of edification is dissecting InStyle magazine each month. The ritual takes place around the corner at the divinely divey CHELSEA GRILL because it is not so dimly lit that I can't devour "Kiefer Sutherland on Kilts and Clogs and Rodeo Togs" without squinting and because the house merlot costs a meager $4. Of far greater import is that fellow barflies, typically a grizzled batch, are either riveted by what's playing on overhead TV sets, or stealthily peeking over my shoulder at a Hair & Now column devoted to Meg Ryan's "upscale mullet." Holy Scripture like this ought to be read in relative obscurity over a platter of nachos for in vino veritas, for sure.


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