Best Place To Score A Tourist (2008)


It is difficult for local New Yorkers to mack on tourists due to pedestrian velocity. The mood, though, is Otis Redding-perfect at PIER 16. This prime out-of-towner "chance encounter" spot is lively with meandering tourists ready to be cruised. You may appear to be a confident waterside local checking out the Peking (a massive merchant ship), "just leaving" the W.O. Decker (a tugboat), or "about to board" the iron-hulled Pioneer, when actually you're scanning the roaming Belgians, Zimbabweans, and Japanese for succulent hotties. Here's a winning formula: Impress your pier pick with a (comparatively) wide knowledge of NYC, and offer to wear his/her fanny pack for a bit, so he/she can rest. Then slide in there and get your touristic bang on.


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