Best Place to See a Ballplayer (2008)

No. 7 Queens express train

Even before John Rocker blew his lid, the No. 7 Queens express train was one of the best places to get up close and personal with a Major Leaguer. Former Met John Olerud was an almost daily straphanger, and lots of Shea-bound visitors quietly use mass transit. But that doesn't mean the ride's snag-free. I remember Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams staring at the turnstile for a long moment, then trying to walk through it. Twice. The token booth clerk informed him that he'd need to deposit a token. "Um, OK." He was then informed that in order to get a token he'd need a buck and a half. "Um, OK." Whereupon the former All-Star shouted to his wife, "Hey, did you bring any money?"


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