Best Place to See Hip-Hop Celebs Buy Records (2008)

Beat Street

From high up in the DJ booth, Goldfinger and Kulcha have seen the greats of hip-hop and r&b pass in front of them. Holding it down at Brooklyn's venerable record mecca Beat Street, Goldfinger (who has spun there off and on since the store first opened in 1984) and Kulcha (who's been there for six years) have assisted the likes of Red Alert, Q-Tip, Mr. Cee, Enuff, Grandmaster Flash, Wyclef, Jay-Z ("he used to come in," Kulcha shrugs), Self, Biz Markie, and Bobby Konders. In fact, the only name DJ who hasn't graced Beat Street is Funkmaster Flex. One visit to the store and it's clear why Beat Street has built up such a rep among tastemakers: There's a huge selection of vinyl, mix tapes, and CDs from every conceivable genre (all of which you can preview before purchasing), and—in a nod to rap's more litigious side—a shipping service to correctional facilities.


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