Best Place to see Hot Black Lesbians 'Privately' Re-Create Sordid Dancehall Videos (2008)

Bar D'O

On a superficial note, BAR D'O is consistently packed with hotties. Tight pants, staring almond eyes, manicured nails, and a martini glass at 12 o'clock; do-rag, LL lips, jogging pants, and athletic tank top at 2; cowry shell necklace, tight half-top, rocker low-slung belt, and jeans at 7. This may be the only venue that the cabaret law actually helps, as ladies barred from the dancefloor are induced to perform seated twitchy lap dances, and leaning-against-the-wall shake sessions. Some just hang with their friends on the lounge couches, checking newcomers out, sipping drinks, and chopping it up to the fly beats bald-headed beauty DJ Sharee provides—soul, r&b, hip-hop, 2step, and more.


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