Best Place To See Mulletheads Strut Their Stuff (2008)


Men in ripped T-shirts covered with obscenities, women with hair like Slash, angsty twentysomethings preening their mohawks, your average 40-year-old AC/DC fan—all these people are desperate to rock out. Monday nights at ARLENE GROCERY prove that karaoke needn't be catered solely toward the drunk, off-key love-song crowd. Angry but loyal would-be stars carefully select from the slew of metal and punk hits that the cover band promises to perform, along with an outspoken British MC singing backup. Forget screens with silly music videos or the sinking sense of embarrassment that most karaoke events induce. Hordes of eager thrashing listeners throw their Þsts in the air along with the brave and talented singers, trying to recapture the joy of a stadium show, with an edge that can only be achieved by a performer in an '80s mullet and tight jeans. No cover.

Location Details

95 Stanton St.
New York NY 10002


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