Best Place to See Where Your Slimy Uncle Phil Hangs (2008)


Uncle Phil is the guy who sweats in 40-degree weather, chews something whenever he's not smoking, and becomes missing in action for months and even years at a time. Uncle Phil . . . or Philly, as your father often refers to him, can probably be found in any number of "slimy" places. But look no further, because there, among the other lost souls cursing and ripping up handfuls of losing tickets, is the man in his second home, OTB. Yes, OTB (Off Track Betting). Part freak show (see the man who never wins!), part haven for the walking dead. If you want to experience the thrill of horse racing, there are many wonderful tracks that are easy to get to, but if it's a taste of the dark side you crave, OTB has many "parlors" across NYC. Various locations; call 221-5200 for more information.


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