Best place to see your favorite comic bomb (2008)

Upright Citizens Brigade's Crash Test

Sure it's great to watch David Cross or Patton Oswalt when they're on fire. There's nothing better than a comic effortlessly tearing through a polished set—except maybe seeing the effort that goes into making those sets seem so effortless. At Upright Citizens Brigade's Crash Test, hosted by up-and-comer Aziz Ansari Monday nights at 11 at the UCB Theatre, you get to see great comics try out—crash test if you will—their not yet great new material. Past guests have included Cross, Oswalt, Eugene Mirman, as well as "Best Week Ever" regulars like Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Nick Kroll. Plus, it's free, so even if your favorite comic's new shit bombs, it's not like you paid a comedy club cover—and the Pabst is only two bucks.


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