Best Place to Show Off Your New Cadillac Escalade Before Mackin' the Ladies (2008)

Club NV

No joke, the outside of CLUB NV is like a motherfucking car show on Wednesday nights. Fools ride by Spring and Hudson on a mission to see and get seen. Blingin' trucks and SUVs are the most popular option, closely followed by all types of tricked-out Mercedeses. If it's not a Lex, it's a Jag; if it's not a Jag, it's a BMW; if it's not a Beamer, it's a brigade of seven motorcycles cruising in at 1 a.m. Windows are tinted, TV screens are on seat backs, rims are hooked up. And of course, drop-tops get props. The Edison Park Fast across from NV looks like a frigging luxury car dealer. Getting out of the car is almost beside the point. But no matter what your homies tell you, ladies don't really like being rolled up on by some dude in a car (even yours). So eventually the road show must stop for some pedestrian macking: "You got a man, sweetie? Do he let you have friends?"


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