Morning has broken, and Staten Island must get up, look herself in the face, wash off the sledge of the 50-year night, and face facts. She is dump-less. The borough has been un-dumped. Since 1949, Staten Island\'s image has been that of the world\'s largest landfill and one of the city\'s worst health hazards. What will her asthmatic residents do for fun, now that the air is clearer? Well, like any New Yorkers worth their weight in toll money, they\'ll make art about it. That\'s what. SNUG HARBOR CULTURAL CENTER, formerly a home for old seafaring men (if Jack Kerouac had lived past fortysomething, he could\'ve finally pulled off the road right here), has hosted many artistic characters since its conversion. This fall it snuggles up to \"Fresh Kills,\" an exhibition of international and home-team artists doing work on the job done to S.I.

Location Details

1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island NY 10301


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