Best Place To Spot Adults In Insect Costumes (2008)


Perhaps because the CENTRAL PARK ZOO is so small, or maybe because all zoos aim to include children in the wildlife experience, it has almost as many fake animal sculptures as actual animals. In fact, confused children can be seen petting goat statues in the farmyard section instead of the real live slobbering goat caged behind it, as parents sit nearby on faux tree stumps. Also, while the zoo does house some monkeys and sea lions, there are a lot more birds than a kid can get really excited about. So to liven up an area full of turtles and bunnies, sometimes zoo workers don brightly colored beetle and butterfly costumes and greet visitors with a flap of their antennae. The kids, who have all day been imitating pandas and screaming "I want to be a penguin!" are pleasantly surprised to see adults actually acting out their animal fantasies.

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Location Details

830 5th Ave. @65 St.
New York NY 10021


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