Best Place to Throw (Some More) Energy Into (2008)

God's Love We Deliver

GOD\'S LOVE WE DELIVER wins the prize for best food idea of the century. In 1985, hospice worker Ganga Stone delivered some prepackaged food to a man named Richard who was living with AIDS. He was too ill to cook it himself. Stone had the idea of cooking mass quantities of food for those living with HIV in our city, and then delivering it to their homes. In 1986, she and Jane Best founded the organization, which now prepares 2000 nutritious meals a day in its kitchen. (God\'s Love We Deliver believes in serving food that is tasty as well as healthy, by the way. There are no tater tots involved.) Fourteen-hundred volunteers keep this enterprise going strong—volunteers outnumber staffers 10 to one. There is always more to be cooked and more to be delivered, and so new volunteers are always welcome and needed, in the kitchen or on the road.


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