Best Place To Watch Serious Hoops While Sipping Belgian Beer (2008)


It's a bad time for a basketball-watching jones. The Knicks suck and the Nets play in Jersey, and both are inactive until fall. Thank god for VOL DE NUIT, which offers a wide selection of Belgian beers, a dark and cool drinking environment, and even a view of the Cage, the best-known hoops playground in Gotham. Score a window seat and the sights and sounds of roundball action are yours. NBA'ers past, present, and future bang bodies on the blacktop, where fouls are never called and passes never considered. The West 4th Street Summer League draws thousands of spectators each year, and if you're smart, you'll take in the action from the bar, or at least visit it afterward. A glass of Leffe Blonde and bag of pommes frites beats a Garden beer and hot dog most any day.

Location Details

148 W. 4th St.
New York NY 10012


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