Best Place To Watch Televised Rugby (2008)


The 8 a.m. sip of Guinness is a bit harsh, but such is life for a rugby fan at MCCORMACK'S. Even if you don't know a ruck from a scrum, you should sample rugby culture at least once in your life. Winter and spring mean the best of the British Isles and European nations, while summer is the southern hemisphere. On one recent steamy Saturday, New Zealand takes on Australia, and the rivalry is like nothing seen in America. The bar is packed with pint-slugging, barb-trading Aussies and Kiwis. The lights are killed and the match begins. The volume picks up when there's a big hit, a strong run, a score. The mailman walks in, looks around, and shakes his head. Australia pulls it out at the final whistle, and the place goes mad. Some steel themselves for the midday sun; others order another round.

Location Details

365 3rd Ave.
New York NY 10016


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