Best Place To Watchbusinesspeople Play in Art (2008)


Multicolored cows, kitschy elevated taxis, and enormous metal spiders have acclimated New York City dwellers to public art, but the city's busiest are still able to bustle by and brashly ignore the kooky sculptures. The three-year "Target Art in the Park" program, named for its Target sponsors and implemented by the Public Art Fund, wants to elevate MADISON SQUARE PARK from a construction site to "art." Now briefcase-toting dotcommers can indulge in some pre-work aesthetic contemplation. Instead of last year's green-tubed Plexiglas labyrinthine adventure, this year's exhibit, "Explore Your World," features Dan Graham's "Bisected Triangle, Interior Curve"—a mirrored maze bent on inducing "reflection." On the south side of the park, Mark Dion's "eccentric 19th-century-style Urban Wildlife Observation Unit" features a young ranger type answering questions about the art or local wildlife: mosquitoes, squirrels, and admittedly, business professionals.

Location Details

5th Ave. At 23rd St.
New York NY 10021


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