Best Places to Have a Brush With Someone Who's Had at Least 15 Minutes of Fame (2008)

Astor Place and Broadway/Lincoln Center/Rizzoli Bookstore

For sightings that make you stop and say, "Hey, ain't that the dude from Scream II, you know, what's his name?" try the corner of Astor Place and Broadway, where you'll find the near-famous on their way to the Public Theater or a quick snip at Astor Place Hair Designers. For Uptown stargazing, Lincoln Center (65th Street and Broadway) is highly recommended, as is Rizzoli Bookstore (31 West 57th Street, 212-759-2424; 454 West Broadway, 212-674-1616), where the rich and famous go to see whose tell-all bio is outselling theirs.


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