Best Poor Man's Cruise (2008)

Circle Line

Did you know that before Abraham Lincoln christened the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1865, it was called Wallabut Bay? And that during the Revolutionary War, 10,000 American boys as young as 13 were kept in the holds of British ships moored there, and that they were released only in exchange for a pledge of allegiance to the queen? And that most refused and died of dysentery? Did you know that a maritime disaster greater than that of the Titanic occurred in the East River in 1910, three years before that famous sinking? And that the loss of over a thousand women and children in two hours' time forever changed the ethnic makeup of the Lower East Side? And did you know that the very tip of Manhattan, Marble Hill, is geographically attached to the Bronx, though its inhabitants pay taxes in Manhattan? If you think that the Circle Line cruises are just for tourists, think again. This is one of the city's great pleasures, and at $20 for three hours of obscure New York facts and beer, one of its cheapest and most entertaining. Two locations: Pier 83 (at 42nd Street) or Pier 16 (at South Street Seaport).


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