Best Public, Preserved 19th-Century Home (2008)


Unless you've got loads of cash, posh friends, or a real estate license, you probably haven't seen much of the city's townhouses—once the epitome of spacious, suburban single-family dwellings. Many are privately owned today—or, more likely, dissected into teeny apartments. A trip to the MERCHANT'S HOUSE MUSEUM—the only preserved 19th-century home in Manhattan—reveals the real lay of the landings. The four-story Greek Revival structure impresses with sweeping staircases, symmetrical double parlors, and original furnishings: Duncan Phyfe chairs, horsehair-upholstered sofas, and pier tables with petticoat mirrors. The finery moved in around 1835 with owner Seabury Treadwell, his wife Eliza, and their seven children, about whom there exists a wealth of information. After the death of his youngest daughter in 1933, the home opened as a museum.

Location Details

29 E. 4th St.
New York NY 10003


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