Best Public Use of Disco (2008)

Central Park Dance Skaters Association

An old woman in a flowy white dancer's gown flits by with an enormous silly grin. She's no doubt playing to the crowd—a mix of tourists, families, business people, and joggers—who have gathered to watch the entertaining promenade of dancers, skaters, and eccentrics get down to hip-hop and disco right in the middle of Central Park. Strolling through on weekends between April and October, you can't miss the beats of various DJs and the gleeful shrieks of skaters who participate in the Central Park Dance Skaters Association's weekend sessions. These dance parties are staffed by committed and passionate volunteers as eclectic as their patrons. Some highlight performances include a man balancing two water bottles on his head and a group of roller-skating country-line dancers. Some have grace, others just have guts, but everyone's welcome.


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