Best Rave Promoter (2008)

Stuck on Earth

Most rave promoters need really big flyers to get your attention, because their lineup is so wack: You'd rather just use the poster-sized waste of trees to line your cat box. But Chris and Jeff of STUCK ON EARTH don't have to resort to such tactics: They consistently bring top-notch talent that real music-heads—as opposed to E-heads—love. Thanks to their alternative, adult-friendly, pocket-sized flyers, you'll even find a few old folks at parties like Boo and I Have a Dream, where SOE feature such headliners as Stacey Pullen, Derrick May, Bad Company, and Mark Farina. While they do set aside a trance room to cater to the kiddie masses, the promoters let good taste prevail, smartly satisfying everyone from jungle nuts to house addicts.


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